Thursday, July 29, 2010


Since this week has been taken over by Chaos Chameleon villains I might as well add "San-D" to the mix.

San-D was the result of conversations Eric and I had about inserting a love interest into Chaos' life. The problem is Chaos has no attraction to the human female form (he is a chameleon after all). The result usually ends up with San-D as the angry ex-girlfriend yelling expletives towards Chaos and attempting to blow him up to smithereens. As a villain she is probably Chaos' most complicated. She absolutely adores him and absolutely wants to destroy him all in the same day. On top of that she's also a robot or as I like to call her "fembot". (As a few of my friends know I'm a sucker for fembots.)

A lot of my facination with fembots stems from the artist Sorayama and his pin-up art from the late 80's. I came across his stuff when I was a wee lad. While many boys my age were chasing their dad's playboys I was chasing Sorayama's trading card set. On the weekends I would hang out at the local comic store and stare at his out of reach trading card set torturing myself. They were on the "grown-up shelf" and I wasn't old enough to buy them.

A few years later I ended up running a comic store and finally was old enough to stretch up to that out of reach shelf. Since I was an art major in college my perspective changed and I had more of a critical eye and different appreciation for the card set. This almost ruined the boyhood experience of finally getting to that hidden stash of playboys....almost.

Here are a few samples of Sorayama's work I used to give me some ideas about San-D.

Although Sorayama gave me a great jumping point I felt with San-D I had to walk a fine line. The idea that I wanted to convey was she would visually be an archetype comic book heroine sex symbol who happened to be oversexed in regards to emotional maturity. Visually seeing her would express sexuality, while hearing her speak would say something different - innocence. She isn't inherently bad, she's just engineered that way.

The first few drawings are her in normal mode trying to get Chaos' attention. When Chaos starts to run she switches to "Sorayama" mode or kick-ass mode.


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