Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Laughing Knight

Renny awoke startled. He would have yelled a warning to the house but found his lungs filled with black smoke. Choking and coughing he found his way to his family, huddled towards the back door. His father, opening the door revealed a normally black night sky lit by fire originating from the village. Renny's father raced everyone to the safety of the barn. He reassured them he would return shortly and check on the village elders. He left with a nearby pitchfork in hand and raced towards the flames and village. Soon, blood curdling screams could be heard from varying degrees of anguish followed by what could be construed as giggling. Renny peered outside to look, and the saw what he thought was only myth... The Laughing Knight was standing atop a nearby hill, observing the chaos which Renny could only hear. He never heard from his father again. Thus began Renny's quest to hunt the Laughing Knight.


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Bwaaa haaahaaaa That's awesome!

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