Sunday, September 26, 2010

King Size Dread

There once was a ruler known as King Dread. As his name implied he was dreadful to his subjects and often pointed and laughed at peasants in particular.

One of his favorite things to do was nap in beds. He would often barge into a person's house, sleep in a bed he deemed fit for a king, and then leave an unmade bed behind without a thank you. Many subjects were distraught by this and even cried.

One day King Dread was wandering in the forbidden, haunted mystical forest and came across a witch's house. He kicked the old hag out and took a nap on her bed. When he awoke he emerged from the house refreshed. Much to the witch's dismay her bed was unmade. "Curse you King Dread, from this moment on you will never find a bed that suits you!"

POOF! was the only sound heard as the witch zapped him. What emerged was scary indeed. King Dread's body was changed to stone to king sized proportions. After smashing the witch's house he has since wandered the land searching for a bed fit for a king.


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