Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gyorn The Travelling Gnome Sorcerer

A friend of mine started a Pathfinder game once a week and I'll be joing him as a player. Pathfinder is somewhat like Dungeons and Dragons but operates under an open game license.

I was asked to create a character to play as and this is what I've come up with: Gyorn The Travelling Gnome Sorcerer. Gyorn comes from a family of morticians and has a fascination with the dead....especially reanimating them in undead form. Because of this nature Gyorn is perceived of not necessarily being pure of heart, however he is not hellbent on dominating the world with undead skeleton warriors. He is much too lazy for that.

Every once in awhile I'll try to chronicle his exploits here to entertain you. Don't be shocked if he dies...a lot.


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