Friday, July 23, 2010

Mediocre Fortune Inserter Hag

Yesterday I decided to get thai food for lunch. The yellow curry was great. If you happen to be in Burbank California and you want to recover any sickness from a live taping of Jay Leno you should visit "Original Thai Restaurant".

Anyways, I got my fortune cookie and I was excited! I couldn't wait to find out my grand fortune for the future! I gingerly opened it (didn't want to rip my future riches message) and this is what I got:

....A safety tip??? Along with using the wrong form of the word "thing"?

Unbelievable! Fortunes have been getting really lame lately. It would have been nice to see "You will find five bucks under your couch...perhaps" as an alternative.

As I thought about this I slowly realized what has been going on. Mediocre Fortune Inserter Hag has been getting bolder. She takes the good fortunes of unsuspecting victims and replaces them with mediocre fortunes slowly building her personal wealth. I need to be more vigilant.


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