Saturday, July 24, 2010

War Hog

"War Hog" is a villain for the online comic "Chaos Chameleon" that I started with my friend Eric Studer a couple of years ago. War Hog(s) run across the landscape in groups giving Chaos Chameleon more than his share of headaches. I've been meaning to get back to this project but the technical needs of actually building the website have been getting in the way. Sometimes I tend to want to do things "perfect" which obstruct from actually doing something. I'm sure this tendency is felt with creative folk across the spectrum. Once Thudian and Mundoose episode 2 is close to completion and episode 3 is underway I'd like to bring attention back to Chaos Chameleon.

I'll probably be digging into the archives for the next few days since I won't have consistent access to internet and won't have time to sketch a lot. I also received some sad family news so my sketching aura will be underpowered for a period of time.


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