Monday, August 30, 2010

Beer guzzler

Sometimes after falling asleep on the couch I'll place my slightly sipped beer on my dinner tray. The next morning I tend to wake up sipping the hoppy barliness of room temperature beer. (It's morning, I don't know any better.)

Then shock sets in. My beer bottles are empty. The beer guzzler has struck again during my slumber. I must be vigilant.


Ryan said...

Hmmmm, the Beer Guzzler looks slightly familiar....kinda like me before I grew the goatee. I know I have that shirt somewhere. Besides letting the beer sit out overnight is a crime. Someone's gotta drink it before it get's flat and gross!

James said...

Ryan, you are one of the most passionate beer connoisseurs I know. It is very possible that you served as a starting point for beer guzzler on a subliminal level. Congrats on being my first caricatured villain. Plus, I've seen you make that face before.

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