Monday, August 9, 2010

Thudian and Mundoose Episode 2: Mundoose smelling his armpit

I decided to switch gears today to give the 4 fans of Thudian and Mundoose a peek at some production drawing. These drawings center on Mundoose checking his "freshness" by smelling his armpit. When Huge Suj, Head Writer of Thudian and Mundoose, scripted this sequence I laughed out loud. When Abua Braham, Lead Voice Actor of Thudian and Mundoose, delivered the lines I laughed out loud once again. As I crudely translated these talents to visual form I'm hoping many people will laugh out loud. Only time will tell. Perhaps I'll distribute dollar bills out and buy some laughs.


I had two choices when I got to this sequence (which is common in this production).

One choice was to "act" with what I have in the Thudian and Mundoose archive and keep going forward -or- Visit the realm of the unknown and come up with something from scratch. The perils of going the archive route is knowing that I don't have the right drawings and try to "just get by". I felt this sequence needed more than just archive drawings. The problem with going "from scratch" is not knowing the outcome as well as potentially impacting deadlines. In the end I said "bah! This sequence needs the right drawings!" The crows outside agreed.

This drawing above was wrong on a few fronts but got the idea rolling. From the underlay image of Thudian I could see some potential visual conflicts with Mundoose invading Thudian's space. There are too many lines fighting abstractly with each other that could diminish Mundoose's action. I liked Mundoose's expression and line of action, but I'd have to experiment. This lead to....


Round 2 had the same problems as Round 1. However, the most important action is not obscured. Mundoose is easier to see sniffing his armpit compared to Round 1. Sold!

Once I'm happy with a drawing it needs to go through a clean up and color phase for animation. This is considered...


Round 3 provides the results suitable for animation which usually goes twelve rounds. That story is for another blog entry. Finally, I'm sure many of you are wondering if Mundoose passed his freshness check. The sketch below should help with the confirmation.

ROUND 1(again)...FIGHT:


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