Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sounds of Terror From A Place of Rest

It took almost a year out of school, but Billiam finally managed to land a contract job in the big city of BigCityTon.. Although the job had no benefits and health insurance he decided to pack his things and leave the safety of his father's home. He needed to find his way in the world and he was in the prime of his life health wise. After all, it was well worth the risk and he needed to pay off his student loans. A few months passed while he couch surfed and finally found a humble apartment. The landlord was distant but accommodating and was pleased to greet him on his way to work each morning.

The job kept Billiam busy. He often found himself stressed adjusting to city life and the job. His boss was obnoxious, his coworkers obsessed with impressing others. These were things Billiam was not accustomed to. His apartment became a true source of peace and quiet. Oddly enough, for obvious and not so obvious reasons, his bathroom became the primary source of quiet meditation and reflection.

One night something changed... It started when Billiam awoke startled at 4 am.  A strong, powerful, rumble rang through his apartment. Billiam thought he was dreaming as the sound shook his bed and walls. He jumped out of his bed and realized the sound was traveling from an unknown source in his apartment. In a trance-like waking state he meandered through his apartment following the sound. Billiam was in a mental haze, almost as if watching his body in an out of body experience. He began to watch himself walk closer and closer to the origin point of the sound. The sound became deafening and violent and was best described as a low, deep, guttural foghorn.

Billiam watched helplessly as his sleepy body stumbled closer and closer to the sound. Turning on the light in the hallway did not help matters. Darkness remained steadfast in his place of solace- the bathroom. To his horror he finally discovered the origin point of the sound. His toilet...


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