Sunday, February 19, 2012

Trixter the Monkey

Once in awhile I read stuff on the internet and I came across a Brazilian folk tale for inspiration today.

Trixter the Monkey lived with silly animals and an old woman in a garden full of fruit trees. Although the garden's trees kept all the animals fed there was one tree in particular that had extremely enticing fruit. However, the old woman had a password lock on each tree and this special tree had an extra long, extra hard password... Kind of like a wifi key at your friend's house. By the time anyone could reach this tree the password would fade from memory.

One day the monkey had an idea. He brought along his guitar and blended the password into a song upon asking the old woman. The monkey, playing the song over and over finally unlocked the secret fruit of the tree by the time he reached it!

However, after sampling the fruit he realized it wasn't worth it- the beautiful fruit had gone sour causing a contorted, twisted face of displeasure for the monkey. The monkey thought long and hard about this unexpected turn. He then had another idea. He played his fancy tune for the other animals encouraging them to sample the sour fruit, enjoying the sight of their displeasure upon tasting. He was finally happy indeed.

Curious? The original folk story can be found here.


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